User authentication and identity: the firewall comes closer to home

2nd August 2017

User authentication and identity management step up to counter risk in a world of proliferating devices and systems Until fairly recently, information security was built on firewalls, passwords and locking down systems. But times have changed. Organisations today have to secure a plethora of different devices, applications and systems, and… Read More

Voice Biometrics Presents Effective New Weapon Against Fraud and Crime

13th July 2017

Advanced voice biometrics tools offer multiple new ways to mitigate fraud and risk Voice biometrics, now coming into its own as a highly accurate means of authenticating users, presents multiple new opportunities to organisations to mitigate the risk of fraud and crime. Across Africa, where a newly-mobile population is still… Read More

Giving Credence to the Voice of Africa

3rd July 2017

Millions of Africans face exclusion from the digital economy due to a lack of basic IDs or street addresses. Mobile and voice biometrics technology are set to make authentication as mobile as today’s users are. Stakeholders across the African continent are preparing to leapfrog the first three industrial revolutions and… Read More

Myriad Connect in Africa – African Wireless Communications Yearbook Interview

30th June 2017

Myriad Connect’s GM, Fabien Delanaud, recently spoke to African Wireless Communications Yearbook about Myriad Connect and our passion for being part of Africa’s burgeoning technology market. Fabien Delanaud is general manager of Myriad Connect, responsible for the overall direction of Myriad’s mobile business unit, which… Read More

Myriad Connect featured in This Day’s article on ‘Is USSD the Future of Banking?’

29th June 2017

Despite the explosive growth of mobile across the continent, only 25% of Africans have access to the internet according to recent research from the United Nations telecommunications agency (International Telecommunication Union). Mobile technology has been leading transformation across Africa and has been the critical driver of financial inclusion… Read More

Myriad Connect speaks to ITWeb on Enterprise Mobility

21st June 2017

Fabien Delanaud, Myriad Connect GM, recently spoke to ITWeb on the potential for mobile technology to drive business transformation, as featured in ITWeb’s CIO Zone. In South Africa and across the African continent mobile in business has limitless potential to disrupt the way business is done. In… Read More

Myriad Connect’s GM speaks to ITWeb’s Brainstorm on Enterprise Mobility

12th June 2017

Myriad Connect’s GM, Fabien Delanaud, recently spoke to Brainstorm on Enterprise Mobility and the role of mobile technology in the workplace. Mobile in the Enterprise Mobile in the enterprise is helping drive business transformation by improving efficiencies, increasing productivity, driving down the cost of operation and enabling real-time access… Read More

SS7 Vulnerability Underlines Need for New Financial-Telco Collaboration

5th June 2017

The security world is looking at vulnerabilities in Signaling System 7 (SS7), with financial institutions and telcos alike expressing concern that mobile banking is increasingly vulnerable to hackers and fraudsters. The vulnerability is not a new one, however. What is new is the rate at which cybercrime and digital fraud… Read More

300% Improvement in ROI – USSD vs SMS Campaigns

1st June 2017

The meteoric rise of mobile has delivered marketers an all access, always-on link to their customers and the means to completely revolutionise brand engagement. As mobile adoption and use continues to see dramatic growth, consumer behaviours have evolved and so too have the methods and channels marketers use to reach… Read More

Myriad Connect talks Digital Inclusion with IT News Africa

30th May 2017

Mobile technology has driven innovation and transformation across Africa and for many across the continent, has enabled financial inclusion for example. The success of mobile technology continues to gather momentum in Africa and other developing regions, but the challenge of digital inclusion is still being faced by many in these… Read More