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Introduction to Analytics

Reporting & Statistics Platform

Myriad understands that it is vital for MNOs to analyze, optimize and monetize their USSD Value Added Services. The critical factor of service and portal analysis is propose a central and unified Reporting & Statistics platform; helping telecom operators understand customer behaviour and actions by using a simple, flexible and intelligent tool that gathers and compiles all available data.

Key features

  • Available both in-house and as a SaaS
  • Lets MNOs access global and detailed views of service usage
  • “A la carte” ready to use and customisable graphs and dashboards
  • Tag based service tree module that enables MNOs to analyze customer’s journey in different services and portals. Telecom operators are now able to understand the most visited sections, which content is viewed the most, and the number of hits.


Myriad Analytics is a marketing and business oriented tool that enables MNOs to generate out of the box and customisable reports based on a set of default KPIs that can be modified according to telecom operators requirements.

Marketing Dashboards

Myriad Analytics offers a set of generic dashboards based on generic KPIs. Those comprehensive dashboards give telecom operator a general overview of the USSD traffic on many levels, from a high level point of view (on the global traffic), to a low level point of view (on services and pages). These dashboards are ready to use and don’t require any manipulations or particular technical skills. Technical terminology is hidden and replaced by marketing terms to propose a best-in-class friendly UI.

Technical Dashboards

In addition to marketing dashboards, Myriad Analytics also caters to the needs of technical teams by offering an access to specific detailed dashboards that give them the ability to monitor platforms on many aspects, using dedicated KPIs. Those dashboards are “technical-user” friendly and are intended for a more technical audience, offering more capability and flexibility. They allow technical teams to get deeper into the data when required with real time update.

Myriad Analytics features a complete set of default KPIs that can be integrated in dashboards and graphs, as well as the possibility to define custom KPIs.

Out of the box KPIs

  • Number of sessions – Number of unique users that started at least 1 session
  • Average duration of sessions
  • Shortest session duration
  • Longest session duration
  • Average number of pages viewed by session
  • Smallest number of pages viewed in a session
  • Biggest number of pages viewed in a session

Custom KPIs

Myriad Analytics enables telecom operators to fine tune analysis by letting them customize their KPIs. KPIs are stored in short term and long terms KPI store.

Available splitting criterias

  • Bearer
  • Service Code
  • Language
  • Profile types

Myriad Analytics features a live service tree section that enables telecom operator to quickly identify top USSD services in their VAS portfolio thanks to auto-zooming and scaling views. This representation is done in a user friendly way thanks to visual charts and graphs. Telecom operator can view the most visited sections for a given service. Service Tree is based on a data concept that consists in having one node by end-user’s action. On top of that, Analytics user can directly identify the most visited path of a given USSD service or shortcode.

MNO can see in details which users have accessed to services or sections in a given period of time. This helps marketing and business teams to get a clear user segmentation (prepaid, postpaid, etc …) MSISDN/IMSI Dial extraction can be done in two ways

Within the service tree UI, by clicking on a node and launching a customized report. This report is generated offline. Selected contacts are alerted by email or SMS when report is available.

Through the Myriad Analytics UI, MNO can setup a regular/manual reports to be generated.

Myriad Analytics relies on a flexible and scalable architecture that allows the rapid generation of short and long terms KPIs displayed in dedicated customisable marketing and technical dashboards.