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A multi-channel Mobile Engagement solution


182 characters, session-based, interactive navigation, free of charge


160 characters, Wap-Push enabled, save and forward


Multi-channel interaction (Call, SMS, USSD), SIM based applet, interactive navigation


Binary SMS, Link to URL, multimedia content and app download


Text-to-speech, DTMF, IVR, inbound or outbound, call-to-action triggering for subscribers that cannot read

A Scalable and Flexible Campaign Manager

On Premises

Easy and transparent mobile network integration, based on license fees (identified as OPEX), database is stored in-house


Managed service, pay-as-you-grow subscription pricing, built-in scalability and redundancy, anywhere access, 3rd parties simplified integration

Engage with your subscribers with out-of-the box campaign templates


Send promotional messages and alerts to as many contacts you have in your base


Use incentive voting polls to boost accuracy & engagement

Link to page

Maximize your revenue by sending message with interactive links to boost pass and option purchase


Nurture loyalty by sending coupons to your customers that can be redeemed in shops

Thanks to recognized software expertise and deep knowledge of MNO needs, Myriad’s user-friendly campaign wizard enables the best setup and orchestration of campaigns to promote offerings and monetize them in 5 easy-to follow steps.

Myriad Campaign+ enables telecom operator to start campaigns now or schedule them later. Recurrence can also be set in order to program campaign frequency. Scheduling and recurrence options:

  • Start date
  • End date
  • Every day
  • Every week
  • Every month

Myriad Campaign+ relies on Approval and Publication workflow. Both workflows are flexible and customizable in order to fit to any MNO requirements.

Approval workflow

Draft/Returned, Submited, Reviewed, Approved

Publication workflow

Inactive, Scheduled, Ongoing/Suspended, Finished

User profiling is a critical factor for promotion and monetization. It enables MNO to increase revenues by optimizing the transformation rate while reducing churn and costs. Myriad Campaign+ features 2 options:

Centralizing the profiling tool in-house

Selection of who to reach according to criteria such as:

  • Prepaid/post-paid user
  • Account balance
  • Male/Female
  • Time of the day
  • Social category
  • Roaming or not

Rely on Myriad’s Big Data and Data mining specialist partners

For Geolocation, MNOs can either send targeted content to user depending on last location, or choose to work with a geolocation specialist who provides geolocated events.

Myriad Campaign+ is flexible and scalable enough to use 3 types of geo-targeting

At Any Time Interrogation 'ATI'

Based on last user location “Cell ID”, we can send targeted content.

Location Based Services 'LBS'

Campaign+ can be integrated with MNO LBS system to send targeted offers in a specific area.

Geo Location Pure Players

In collaboration with geolocation pure players who collect information from vendor’s call traces.

  • IMSI (Subscriber)
  • IMEI (Handset)
  • Ec/No
  • RSCP
  • Static/dynamic
  • Indoor/Outdoor

The most important aspect of running any marketing campaign is finding a way to measure its performance. Without measurable results, MNO risk wasting money on ineffective campaigns while missing out on easy opportunities to maximize the campaigns that do work. Myriad Campaign+ features a complete Reports & Stats section that enables telecom operator to view the following KPIs:

  • Campaigns by state
  • Delivery progression
  • Success and failure rates
  • Response Rate
  • Click-through Rate