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Introduction to USSD

Sends Data Between Mobile Phone & Network Application

USSD stands for Unstructured Supplementary Service Data

Standardized by GSM body

Uses Existing Signaling Network

Works With Any SIM Card

No Cellular Data Connection Required

Legacy And Entry-Level Handsets Are Compliant

Session-Based (like HTTP on the Internet)

Up to 182 characters per message (more than a tweet)

USSD+ is composed of 2 elements: Cellgate an integrated premium USSD gateway and Cellcube a flexible premium USSD portal. Thanks to a scalable architecture, telecom operators using USSD+ can cover 100% of their market. USSD+ is a powerful platform to reduce costs and enhance service monetization.

Cellgate bridges the gap between pure telecom networks and the Internet

Cellcube receives USSD requests via Cellgate.

Cellcube is connected to the back-end systems of the operator to display and manage value added services:

Credit Balance

(pre-paid) or consumption information (post-paid)

Credit Refill

Via voucher, Credit Card (pre-paid) or peer-to-peer

Tariff Plan and Option Management

Value-Added Service Management

On-line News and Offer Updates From Operator

USSD+ relies on existing GSM infrastructure. Myriad USSD+ is


  • Redundant configuration
  • Most Operations and Maintenance tasks performed without downtime
  • Very short response time observed in live network even under very heavy load
  • N+1 architecture and geographical redundancy with Disaster Recovery Centre


  • Open interfaces
  • Easy and transparent mobile network integration
  • Complete set of modules available in hosted and SaaS modes (Cloud)


  • Distributed architecture
  • Operates with millions of subscribers and thousands of messages/sec
  • Up to 10k Transactions/sec


  • Advanced data encryption
  • Precise user access control

Myriad USSD+ features Cellgate, a premium USSD Gateway that Bridges the gap between pure Telecom networks and the Internet. Cellgate contains the following advanced features:

Best-in-class Availability

Advanced Access-list Filtering And Control

Optimized Routing Mechanisms

Transparent Integration With Existing USSD Platforms

Fire and Forward SMS-C Capability

Anytime Interrogation (ATI) Support

LTE Ready

Myriad USSD+ features Cellcube, a premium USSD Portal that is a smart enabler for USSD services

Flexible USSD portal with advanced features

  • Renowned high-stability
  • Environment for easy service creation
  • Connection to third parties through APIs
  • Powerful day to day monitoring

Built-in customer-facing features

  • Data bundle purchase
  • Please Call Me
  • SMS browsing
  • HTTP browsing
  • Wi-Fi hotspot finder and packages selling