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Myriad Connect talks Digital Inclusion with IT News Africa

Mobile technology has driven innovation and transformation across Africa and for many across the continent, has enabled financial inclusion for example. The success of mobile technology continues to gather momentum in Africa and other developing regions, but the challenge of digital inclusion is still being faced by many in these markets. With his wealth of expertise in mobile technology in Africa, backed by Myriad Connect’s 15 year’s experience delivering mobile technology to the African market, Fabien Delanaud, GM, spoke to IT News Africa.

Fabien addresses the challenge and how this is affecting sectors of the African market who do not have readily available access to a data connection and therefore are not able to take advantage of the full range of fantastic mobile services available today. The article covers how mobile technology, Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) already widely used in Africa, could be used to help address the digital divide.

“Aside fromt he need for at least some level of connection, mobile has the potentail to make a huge impact in both developed and emerging markets, wehere data insn’t readily available to all mobile users. USSD technlogy has the capacity and ability to truly bridge the data inclusion divide globally for transferring small packets of data through mobile. Access to information will in turn present a catalyst for entrepreneurship and the development of new oportunities for economic growth. Leveraged correctly – USSD can play a vital role in addressing and reducing the data divide.”

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