How does it work?

Step 1
A user attempts to complete an online purchase (could also be a funds transfer).
Step 2
The user’s credit/debit card issuing bank wishes to validate that the transaction is legitimate.
Step 3
To do so, a universal push notification is sent to the user’s mobile device asking him to confirm the transaction.
Step 4
If the user accepts the transaction by replying favourably to the universal push notification, the bank and merchant proceed with the transaction.


More secure than OTP

Out-of-band authentication is key to increase the security of digital transactions as it protects users and merchants from the risks of phishing and man-in-the-middle attacks.

Universal mechanism

Universal push notifications are a secure, universal mechanism to conduct user-friendly out-of-band authentication.

Feature phone friendly

Universal push notifications are not restricted to smartphones and work on all GSM devices, without the need for a costly data connection.

No installation required

Out-of-band authentication via universal push notification does not require the installation of an application.

Building Blocks

Authentication API

A simple, yet very powerful API to handle a wide variety of mobile authentication scenarios, ranging from OTP to MFA


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