How does it work?

Step 1
Hotel creates a customer satisfaction survey using Myriad’s Campaign management tool or Engagement API.
Step 2
Each time a guest checks into the hotel, a trigger is communicated to Myriad’s Engagement API.
Step 3
The questions of the survey are sent via universal push notification to the user’s mobile device.
Step 4
Answers are communicated back to our Campaign management tool (and also accessible via our Engagement API).
Step 5
Triggers can be defined to flag certain guests for further action when their answer to a specific question is not satisfactory.


No installation required

Universal push notifications are truly universal as they do not require a smartphone, data access or an application to be installed.

Easy to use

Universal push notifications provide a user-friendly interface that only requires the user to pick the number corresponding to the answer of his/her choice.

Building Blocks


Perfect toolset to orchestrate campaigns and send the right offer to the right subscriber at the right time

Engagement API

A rich and elegant API enabling you to reach your customers using the most appropriate channel (SMS, USSD, IVR, etc.)


Complete platform to reduce costs and enhance service monetisation, thanks to its integrated USSD gateway and flexible USSD portal