How does it work?

Step 1
A user attempts to add a new payee to a bank account (online).
Step 2
To confirm the veracity of the request, the Bank sends an advanced push notification* to the user’s mobile device asking him to confirm the action.
Step 3
When the user’s reply is communicated back, other pieces of information are retrieved on top of the answer (IMSI and SIM location).
Step 4
This allows the Bank to determine whether a SIM swap has likely taken place and if the user is currently in a location where he usually connects to online banking from.
Step 5
The Bank can further validate the veracity of the transaction by sending a follow-up push notification asking the user one or several security question(s).


Secure transactions

Out-of-band authentication is key to increase the security of digital transactions as it protects users and merchants from the risks of phishing and man-in-the-middle attacks.

SIM swap detection

Our Authentication API enables enterprises to detect whether a SIM swap has potentially taken place.

Identity verification

The ability to further verify the identity of the respondent via one or several security question(s) in a user-friendly way provides further peace of mind.

Building Blocks

Authentication API

A simple, yet very powerful API to handle a wide variety of mobile authentication scenarios, ranging from OTP to MFA


Complete platform to reduce costs and enhance service monetisation, thanks to its integrated USSD gateway and flexible USSD portal