How does it work?

Step 1
A user attempts to log into his/her online banking interface, email account or e-commerce account on a new device.
Step 2
To enhance security (weak password), the service provider has implemented 2-Factor Authentication (2FA).
Step 3
A one-time, unique 6-digit code is sent to the user’s registered mobile number (via SMS or universal push notification).
Step 4
The user types the code as part of the 2FA process and completes the authentication.
Step 5
The login is confirmed.


Secure transactions

Introduces a second level of security when validating a digital transaction.

More secure than SMS

Delivery via universal push notification is more secure than SMS (direct connection between the user’s mobile device and the server delivering the OTP).

OTP not stored anywhere

OTP is not stored anywhere, not even on the user’s device.

Building Blocks

Authentication API

A simple, yet very powerful API to handle a wide variety of mobile authentication scenarios, ranging from OTP to MFA


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