Mobile banking

Mobile Banking

While fintech has fuelled a revolution and propelled the advancement in financial inclusion across the continent, serving the unbanked is still a considerable challenge in much of sub-Saharan Africa.

And while mobile wallets, banking apps and digital solutions offer transformational potential; access to these solutions is limited to those consumers who have access to the internet. According to the GSMA, only 22% of sub-Saharan Africans are connected to the internet, leaving a majority who cannot access digital services.

However, delivering banking services over USSD means providing critical financial services to anyone who has a mobile device. For banks, services over USSD enables significant expansion of their customer base and accelerated business growth.

Advantages of mobile banking :

  • Provide basic banking services over an inclusive, mobile channel
  • Reach any customer on their mobile device :
  1. Including rural customers
  2. Those without smartphones or Internet connection access
  3. Offer consistent, reliable services to smartphone customers
  • Decrease reliance on branches and expensive customer support
  • Avoid long queues at ATM machines, by enabling customers toreceive their paychecks and make payments on a USSD banking menu
  • Enable a dramatically more cost-effective model to expand customer base and banking services offer

Easily launch USSD Mobile Banking services with Myriad Connect to deliver compelling banking services to the market, which do not require an internet connection.

With USSD, grow your current customer base by providing previously digitally excluded customers with the ease and effectiveness of digital services.