Agriculture in Africa represents one of the most significant sectors for the region’s economies, but it is even more important for its social impact on the continent’s people. On average, agriculture accounts for around 17% of GDP in sub-Saharan Africa and the sector employs 65% of its population.

However, with the industry dominated by small holding farmers, over 70% of Africa’s farmers are impacted by the size of land for their produce and low productivity. This is where technology can play a key role in empowering Africa’s farmers to increase outputs and productivity.

Insufficient access to the internet and technology is limiting many of these farmers’ access to markets and buyers, as well as to pricing and best practice information, which is holding back progress for the sector. Yet, enabling a variety of digital services over USSD will help to transform the industry.

Delivering digital services over USSD will enable :

Access to best practices information and expertise

Enable data collection to improve production and processes

Access to financial services: credit, insurance, payment options, etc.

Access to buyers and open market

Access to tools and machinery

Improved data visibility for supply chain efficiency

Easily launch USSD Agricultural services with Myriad Connect to deliver compelling digital services and access to information, that does not require an internet connection. With USSD services, enhance and advance the agricultural sector by providing previously digitally excluded players with the ease and effectiveness of digital services.