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Insights in mobile technology

Securing A2P SMS Business Messaging – MEF Whitepaper


As members of Mobile Ecosystem Forum (MEF), the Myriad team worked alongside colleagues at MEF looking into how to secure A2P SMS business messaging. With Myriad’s wealth of experience in SIM swap fraud, we shared our insights. The full paper is available for download here. “With the growth and continued investment in the digital service…

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Combatting Consumer Messaging Fraud


The Mobile Ecosystem Forum (MEF) recently held a workshop, in partnership with South African Banking Risk Information Centre (SABRIC), where Myriad Connect’s CEO, Fabien Delanaud, presented on the issue of SIM swap fraud across Africa. Also joined by South African MNOs and 15 local banks, the workshop focused on tackling messaging fraud in financial services…

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COVID-19 Emergency Information USSD Service


As citizens all over the world face the unprecedented impact of the COVID-19 crisis, keeping people informed is a critical factor in curbing the spread of the disease. In our highly connected world, which is often deluged in impenetrable and conflicting information on the virus, access to accurate and up to date information is a…

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