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Insights in mobile technology

Workforce Mobility in Africa: An opportunity for future development


Digital innovation is accelerating across the African continent, driving transformation in almost every industry, including energy, agriculture, transport, banking and education. Transformation that has been largely enabled by mobile technology. In 2017 almost half of the African continent was subscribed to mobile services, equivalent to nearly half a billion people, according to the GSMA. Given…

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Securing Open Banking for Africa


As we continue to see the fervent adoption of Fintech and the advancing innovation in digital financials services globally, there is growing support for Open Banking in markets across the world. Open Banking initiatives are being put in place to empower consumers to take greater control of their financial information and how and who it…

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Mobile: The key to enabling and securing digital services


We have seen how digital innovation has caused positive disruption globally and it is clear that it is accelerating across the African continent. Much of the transformation we are seeing has been enabled by mobile technology. And, from what Myriad Connect has seen working in mobile technology in Africa over the last 17 years, it…

Read more AT&T, T-Mobile Sued Over Mobile Crypto Thefts


” Silver Miller — America’s leading cryptocurrency investor law firm — announced it has filed lawsuits against AT&T and T-Mobile on behalf of crypto asset holders who were allegedly victims of “SIM swapping.” The suit alleges that by leaving holes in their security protocols, and failing to train and monitor employees adequately, the phone providers assisted criminals…

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Kass FM: SIM swap fraud is now global threat


“While many industry players across Africa may have been battling SIM swap fraud for several years, this type of fraud is a growing problem globally and a popular security measure put in place to protect digital transactions, one-time-password over SMS, has exposed the vulnerability of a user’s mobile number, giving rise to SIM swap fraud,…

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CNBC Africa: SIM swap fraud a global threat


Imagine your SIM shutting off mysteriously only for you to find out that your original line has been swapped and all your financial details on your mobile phone have been compromised? Well, these cases are on the rise according to Myriad Connect, a mobile technology specialist firm; for more CNBC Africa spoke to Fabien Delanaud,…

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