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BizTech Africa: HF Group launches Kenya’s first WhatsApp banking solution

Kenya’s mortgage lender HF Group has launched a WhatsApp banking solution to offer customized mobile banking services to its customers

” ‘This capability we are pioneering enables HF’s customers to manage their banking needs within their WhatsApp chat with the same efficiency as services obtained at our branches and other digital banking platforms,’’ Kibaara said.

He added that customers’ expectations are constantly changing and it is the bank’s duty to ensure that they are provided with the means to initiate or carry out banking services through any channel they desire wherever they are conveniently.

To subscribe to this service, customers are required to save the bank’s WhatsApp phone number – meaning access to the chat is granted on an individual and personalized basis…

… Kenya tops the list of African countries with ease of access to financial services thanks in part to its high uptake of mobile money, placing the country ahead of economic giants such as South Africa, Nigeria, and Ghana.

At least 74 per cent of Kenya’s population is using WhatsApp according to the Jumia Kenya Mobile Report 2019.”

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