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Business Today: Tech solutions firm declares Sim Swap fraud a global threat

Business Today Kenya feature details that SIM swap fraud is a global threat and how Myriad Connect's SIM swap detection service addresses the issue

“Tech solutions provider Myriad Connect now claims that sim swap fraud is not only limited to Africa but that it is now a global threat which organisations should seek to do more in the bid to enhance online security.

Despite the scam plaguing mobile phone users across Africa for years, Myriad Connect says recent incidents of Americans falling prey to SIM swap fraudsters as evidence of the worldwide danger the trap poses.

‘It is a growing global issue affecting even some of the most sophisticated technologies in the world,” said Myriad Connect Business Development – Africa Willie Kanyeki.

The scam sees fraudsters replace the SIM for a mobile number that does not belong to them, allowing them illegitimate access to personal information and accounts of the original user. ‘ ‘This compromises the victim’s online banking, cryptocurrency or digital financial service accounts and gives SIM swap fraudsters access to all the victim’s online accounts, including email and all social media accounts.'”


Read the full story at Business Today here.

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