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Insights in mobile technology

Securing Open Banking for Africa


As we continue to see the fervent adoption of Fintech and the advancing innovation in digital financials services globally, there is growing support for Open Banking in markets across the world. Open Banking initiatives are being put in place to empower consumers to take greater control of their financial information and how and who it…

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Mobile: The key to enabling and securing digital services


We have seen how digital innovation has caused positive disruption globally and it is clear that it is accelerating across the African continent. Much of the transformation we are seeing has been enabled by mobile technology. And, from what Myriad Connect has seen working in mobile technology in Africa over the last 17 years, it…

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Maximising inclusion and protecting consumers: how mobile is poised to deliver the full benefits of the e-market


These are exciting times for consumers: modern technology is bringing unprecedented levels of transaction and interaction convenience, reducing the costs of doing business and making financial services more broadly accessible. In Kenya, one of the continent’s top innovation hotspots, digital disruptors are bringing to market a plethora of new shopping, trading and interaction platforms across…

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Meet Myriad Connect Experts at Seamless East Africa


Myriad Connect will be hosting a roundtable at this year’s Seamless East Africa event from 3-5 September 2018. As a key event in driving thought-leadership in payments, banking and fintech across the continent, Myriad Connect is excited to engage with industry leaders at Seamless East Africa. Please join Myriad Connect’s Product Director, Stephane Groud, at…

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Africa: Digital Identity & Authentication on Mobile


Africa is on the verge of a huge opportunity. This continent of 1.2 billion people is hungry for services such as banking, insurance, health and e-commerce – many of which would have been previously inaccessible to large portions of the population before the advent of the mobile phone. The introduction of ubiquitous mobile technology has…

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Using mobile technology to reduce payments friction


Banks today are facing an imbalance between the need to prevent fraud and deliver positive customer experiences at the same time. Much has been stated about the need for an effective balance in ecommerce following cases of card not present fraud. However, when it comes to international payments, friction between customer experience and fraud prevention…

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Pillars for digital inclusion


In an ideal world, every single person should be able to access and participate in the global digital economy. This belief is not unique and between Facebook’s WiFi balloons or Google Fiber, the big players in the digital space are clearly making efforts to at least get everybody online. However, it is not just about…

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