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Total Telecom: Myriad Connect tackles SIM swap fraud


Total Telecom has featured news of Myriad Connect’s launch of a service to help tackle SIM swap fraud. Myriad has worked on innovations to deliver secure authentication services, one area of particular focus has been around the SIM-Swap trend, a major issue in South Africa. Myriad Connect’s service can help to reduce SIM-Swap by providing a real…

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Myriad Connect speaks to MyBroadband on SIM-Swap Fraud


Myriad Connect’s Paul Kingsbury, VP of Business Development & Marketing, recently spoke to MyBroadband’s Jan Vermeulen about the launch of Myriad Connect’s service to tackle SIM-Swap fraud. With the growing threat of SIM-Swap fraud costing banks and customers millions, Vermeulen was keen to explore how Myriad Connect’s service differs from other technologies currently available to…

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