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HF Group Now Allows You To Access Bank Services Through WhatsApp – WeeTracker features the launch

HF Group has launched a WhatsApp banking product which provides its customer customized banking services through WhatsApp, this makes it the first bank across the region to commercially implement the solution.

“The firm has launched the product in partnership with Infobip, the global cloud communication company for businesses, Wayawaya, Kocela and Myriad, the solution is part of HF’s digital banking strategy.

Through the service, clients will be able to access banks functions such as virtual account opening, funds transfers, loans, bill payments, goods purchases through the social media platform.

In order to access the service, customers have to save the bank’s WhatsApp phone number and manage their banking needs within their WhatsApp chat with the same efficiency as services obtained at the branches and other digital banking platforms.

“Customers’ expectations are constantly changing and it’s our duty as a customer-centric bank to ensure that our customers are provided with the means to initiate or carry out banking services through any channel they desire wherever they are convenient,” the firm said.

In a statement, the firm further said that WhatsApp will unlock its opportunity to offer a more personal, intuitive and efficient way to engage with customers.”

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