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Kenya News Agency: HF Launches Kenya’s First WhatsApp Banking

The Housing Finance (HF) Group has launched the HF WhatsApp banking solution to offer customized mobile banking services to its customers, secured by Myriad Connect

“HF has partnered with Infobip, Wayawaya, Kocela and Myriad to implement and market this revolutionary product to its existing and new customers.

Speaking  during the launch of HF Whizz WhatsApp Banking, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Robert Kibaara said the app would allow customers to interact with the bank through WhatsApp for functions such as accessing account services, do loan applications, bill payments, airtime purchase, funds transfers, and goods purchases among other services.

“Since WhatsApp is a highly popular messaging platform with millions of active users in Kenya, it unlocks an opportunity for us to offer our customers a more personal, intuitive and efficient way to engage with them on chat,” said Kibaara.

He noted that this capability they are pioneering enables HF’s customers to manage their banking needs within their WhatsApp chat with the same efficiency as services obtained at their branches and other digital banking platforms.

He further said that customers could simply add HF’s WhatsApp phone number +254719597315 to begin a secure Chat Banking session.”

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