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Software Engineer France

Myriad Connect is a mobile technology specialist, empowering enterprises to deliver new mobile services to enhance customer engagements and improve service delivery. Myriad Connect’s range of products and services are deeply integrated within mobile networks, these unique products and services, leverage ubiquitous mobile technology to drive digital inclusion and enable the potential for digital transformation in markets across the world.

Mobile Infrastructure & USSD –

For more than 15 years Myriad Connect has been a specialist partner to mobile operators across Africa, LATAM and Europe, deploying mobile technology and infrastructure to enable the delivery of reliable, secure and innovative mobile services.

Financial Inclusion –  

Myriad Connect has worked with industry leaders to evolve mobile technology and the delivery of innovative mobile services to support economic growth in emerging and developing economies across the world. As proud partner to key Mobile Money providers in Africa, Myriad Connect has helped to drive financial inclusion across the African continent and parts of Europe.

Mobile Services for Enterprise –

As Myriad Connect’s experts continued to advance mobile technology to drive digital inclusion, the team has developed a communications Platform-As-A-Service, empowering enterprises to quickly and easily develop and deliver reliable, secure and cost effective new mobile services.

Authentication, mobile security

It is this wealth of experience in networks and mobile technology that has led to the development of Myriad Connect’s authentication and security service. Leveraging the team’s expertise, Myriad Connect’s out of band authentication service provides industry-leading secure access, authorisation and authentication for financial services transactions and authorised access to any digital service or system. 

Myriad Connect operates in over 40 countries and our platforms and services are currently deployed with 35+ operators worldwide, processing 1.5 billion+ mobile interactions per month.

Myriad recruits people who can live up to the company’s values: “We are a no nonsense, cohesive and inspired team, we believe in what we do and take ownership of our actions without taking ourselves too seriously


Software Engineer France:

The Software Engineer will work in an international environment and will be in contact with Customers in France, Africa and LATAM. You will also have regular opportunities to travel abroad for training or working sessions.

Within the Professional Customer Service Engineering team, you will deliver new and updated services that are used by millions of people every day in the 40+ countries we are working with.

You will participate in the delivery of USSD services to top Mobile operators around the world, mainly in the Emerging Market (Africa and LATAM).

These are essential services in the emerging market such as bills payment, money transfer, purchase data, plans, etc…


Your main mission as A Software Engineer will be to:

  • Actively work with the Project Manager to understand customers’ requirements
  • Develop services based on specification and integration with customer IT platform
  • Provide assistance during the validation of the services
  • After training, you will provide mentorship to customers so they improve their user journey
  • Core Product evolution and contribution under the supervision of a R&D Member.

You will be working in an international environment so English as a business language is essential. As a first step, your focus will be to develop or maintain USSD services in various countries: France, Senegal, Morocco, Ivory Coast, therefore, an understanding of what USSD is and used for will be appreciated.


Technical environment:

  • OS: Ubuntu, Redhat
  • Good Protocol understanding: HTTP/TCP, REST API, XML
  •  A good understanding of Telecoms Protocol is a plus : GSM Architecture, SMS, SS7/Sigtran, SMPP, SNMP, …
  •  Language: Erlang, Elixir, Python, …
  •  Tools like: Git, Jira, MySQL


Key responsibilities:

  •  Work with Mobile Operators and a Project Manager to validate, finalize and estimate the amount of work needed to update an existing service or develop a new one: Mail, Specification Updates, ….
  •  Develop Services according to specification within a document or based on story described in a Jira Ticket
  •  Support Service delivery to ensure the best quality of services
  •  Evaluate Common Technical Element in order to fast track deliveries as well as enhanced Core Products Feature


Knowledge, skills, experience: essential

  • Bachelor or Master degree in Computer Science
  • Good written and oral English
  • Good understanding on Protocols: HTTP/XML, REST/JSON, TCP, ….
  • A first experience in Software Development, 3 to 5 Years minimum
  • Expertise in networking protocols & Unix
  • Ability to code and script
  • A strong focus on business outcomes
  • Excellent debugging and troubleshooting skills
  • Experience working in a fast paced environment
  • Excellent organization, documentation and communication skills
  • Ability to learn new technologies quickly (Erlang, Elixir and other languages…)


Personal skills:

  • Comfort with collaboration, open communication and reaching across functional borders and multiple time-zones
  • Enthusiasm to solve problems in a fast moving, dynamic environment.
  • Customer service
  •  The ability to step up and take charge of projects and teams

If you would like to join our team, please submit your CV to We look forward to hearing from you.



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