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Visit Myriad Connect at MWC 2023

Our team of USSD Gateway, USSI & Open APIs for MNOs are keen to meet you

Myriad Connect’s team are excited to join colleagues across the industry at this year’s much anticipated MWC Barcelona event, being held from 27 February – 2 March 2023.

While we look forward to speaking to partners across many aspects of our business, we have seen keen interest in our USSI Gateway, as mobile network operators launch their 5G networks across the globe.

Myriad’s Connect’s USSI Gateway enables seamless migration to LTE, avoiding disruption to existing USSD and mobile money services. Myriad Connect’s USSI gateway’s functionality provides full interworking between your SIP-based 4G/LTE network and existing legacy SS7/MAP.

The Myriad Connect USSI gateway connects your existing SS7 mobile network to the rest of the Internet-connected world, without requiring any changes to your existing USSD applications/services.

The gateway is a SIP -to- MAP protocol converter that enables smartphone subscribers to seamlessly use existing USSD services over 4G/5G. This eliminates the need to switch subscribers to the 2G/3G network to use USSD, freeing up network signaling and radio resources. As a result, it provides customers with a similar responsive USSD user experience as 2G/3G.

In addition, the USSI Gateway extends the investment in and lifetime of your existing SS7-based USSD services and infrastructure. It enables you to deliver a fluid USSD experience to all subscribers, regardless of their handset radio technology.

Myriad Connect’s next-generation consolidated messaging products meet the ever-increasing expectations and demands of mobile subscribers. Our platform provides modular and extensible solutions that enable operators to easily launch new, advanced messaging services, based on current and future requirements.

Myriad Connect USSI GW Benefits:

  • Myriad Connect’s USSI Gateway supports simultaneous connection to both Sigtran & LTE networks, accepting traffic coming from and going to both networks
  • NO impact on your existing USSD services. They will continue to work on both GSM & LTE devices transparently
  • Supports both USSD Pull & Push in USSD, as well as USSI
  • Offers a single place for USSI & USSD routing, with the same advanced mechanism:  Short code, access lists, MSISDN prefix, IMSI prefix, etc.
  • Thanks to the LTE encryption mechanism, USSI enables you to provide a more secure end-to-end communication on the messaging channel (SMS/USSD) to your high-end profile subscribers (LTE enabled devices) 
  • By migrating messaging traffic to your LTE core network, you reduce the load on your CS network and so can leverage this to accelerate modernisation of your core network.
  • Benefits from Cellgate’s powerful administration GUI (OMA): user-friendly routing management, system health & advanced KPIs monitoring, configurable alarms, on-demand trace & debug activation

If operators have legacy USSD equipment connected to the Sigtran network that cannot be migrated to USSI (USSD GW, IN, etc.) because they are out of support, the migration is too costly or takes too long, then you need a USSI Relay.

Send all your USSD & USSI traffic to Myriad Connect’s USSI Relay and it will apply intelligent routing to direct your traffic where it needs to go, without having to update a single piece of equipment.

If you’d like to hear more about USSI and to meet the team at MWC, please contact us on

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