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Customer Satisfaction Survey

Myriad Connect’s customer satisfaction survey tool empowers marketers and customer service teams to evaluate customer satisfaction rating using reliable, digital channels. Myriad Connect’s tool ensures 100% of the customer database is reached, regardless of mobile device or data connection.

Customer Satisfaction Survey over USSD

Customer Satisfaction Surveys for Mobile Network Operators

  • Improve subscriber satisfaction and deepen subscriber loyalty
  • Monetise the service through enabling brands and retailers to leverage the tool through your network
  • Create new revenue streams through monetising the Customer Satisfaction Survey tool to brand and retail customers

Meeting and exceeding customer expectations has always been critical to any market-leading brand or organisation, but never has this been as important as in today’s digital world.

Myriad Connect enables brands to deliver customer satisfaction surveys in real-time, when the customer is engaging with a brand, to improve responsive rates and collect more accurate results.

Myriad Connect’s platform leverages ubiquitous technology to deliver to 100% of the customer base, regardless of mobile device or data connection.

Improve Response Rates of Customer Satisfaction Surveys
Improve Response Rates
Real-time Access to Customers
Reach 100% of Customers

How customer satisfaction surveys work

A hotel wishes to assess customer satisfaction following guest check-in

Hotel creates a customer satisfaction survey using Myriad’s Campaign Management tool and mobile engagement API
Each time a guest checks into the hotel, a trigger is communicated to Myriad’s mobile engagement API and the first question of the survey is sent via push notification to the user’s mobile device.
Answers are communicated back to Campaign Management tool (and accessible via mobile engagement API)
Triggers can be defined to flag certain guests for further action when their answer to a specific question is not satisfactory

Mobile-First Customer Satisfaction Survey Benefits:

Deepen subscriber loyalty for mobile network operators
Deepen Customer Loyalty
Enhance customer experience for mobile network operators
Increase Customer Satisfaction
Drive revenue for mobile network operators
Drive Revenue Generation
  • Achieving high customer satisfaction levels is a strong indicator of a loyal customer base
  • Customer satisfaction surveys are great for measuring satisfaction levels and helping a brand understand how to change and adapt to meet and exceed their customers’ expectations
  • Real-time surveys capture specific elements of the customer experience and help convert detractors to promoters before harm to the brand has been done

Myriad Connect's Survey Platform:

  • Build in-depth dynamic surveys in minutes
  • Surveys can be triggered via customer, event or campaign
  • Delivering a slick user experience, irrespective of the customer’s mobile device
  • Free for the customer to ensure highest response rates
  • Reward or compensate instantly with airtime credits
  • Where required, raise complaint tickets and trigger human intervention (call back) in real-time