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Mobile Infrastructure & Services

Myriad Connect delivers cost effective, scalable mobile technology to the enterprise, enabling the development of mobile services over USSD. Myriad Connect leverages network and channel capabilities to enable mission-critical services and enhanced customer engagement over mobile, regardless of device or connection.

Mobile Infrastructure & USSD Services

Myriad Connect has worked with mobile operators worldwide, for more than 20 years, to deliver essential services via mobile. Recognised for its technological excellence, Myriad Connect is now empowering enterprises with unrivalled access to the speed, reach and efficiencies that mobile delivers.

As acclaimed USSD Specialist, Myriad Connect has over 16 years’ experience delivering Innovative USSD services:

Myriad Connect has expertise in delivering innovative and monetisable services to emerging markets to enable some of the key benefits of the interactive, online world to customers without an internet connection.