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Mobile Workforce Enablement

Myriad Connect partners with enterprises to develop services to mobilise employees and improve workforce management, helping to transform business processes, streamline workflows and provide the workforce with access to critical business information in real time.

Mobile workforce enablement

For many enterprises the world over, digital transformation is an absolute priority on the corporate agenda, particularly for established organisations who face disintermediation by faster moving, digitally native competitors.

With Myriad Connect’s wealth of experience and expertise in mobile technology Myriad is partnering with enterprises to enable the development of mobile services. Deploying mobile solutions in the enterprise can empower organisations to deliver cost savings, quality improvements, increased productivity and business-critical process efficiencies across the operation.

Myriad Connect’s USSD services can be deployed across the entire workforce, regardless of device or data connection helping organisations improve workforce management, transform business processes, streamline workflows and provide the workforce with access to critical business information in real time.

Low investment – no CAPEX requirement
Easily integrated into existing systems
Access digitally excluded sectors of the population
Enables access to digitally excluded population
Country-wide network reach
Provides country-wide network reach
Deep integration in mobile networks
Quick and easy to implement
  • Provides channel for enterprises to access hard to reach, digitally excluded mobile users via USSD
  • Enables global access for enterprises to networks country-wide, providing greater reach than any single operator in any country we operate in
  • Offers unparalleled reach, security and quality of service because of deep integration in mobile networks
  • Quick and simple to implement, requiring minimal upfront investment


Mobile for Customer Service Management
Customer Service Management
Mobile Workforce Management
Mobile Workforce Management
Marketing Campaign Management
Salesforce Management

Benefits from:

  • Increased customer retention
  • Cost effective customer acquisition
  • Improved productivity
  • Enhanced operational efficiencies

Mobilising the workforce for:

Mobile for Logistics & Distribution
Logistics & Distribution
Optimise business process, mobile workforce management and communications with customers to offer a level of control and access to information throughout the supply chain
Mobile for Energy & Utilities
Energy & Utilities
Improve remote workforce management and workflows with mobile services and open up a key engagement channel for customer services
Retail & Consumer
Build brand loyalty and enhance customer engagement with mobile services to drive revenue generation and customer satisfaction
Facilities Management
Increase business efficiencies through the transformation of business operations, field-based workforce management and customer service engagement
Mobilising the healthcare sector
Enable greater access to data, drive down costs by improving efficiencies and facilitating remote care.