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USSD Platform & Gateway - USSD+

Myriad USSD+ is a complete USSD platform, enabling mobile network operators to deliver user-friendly connected services to their mobile subscribers regardless of device or data connection.

USSD Gateway & Platform


USSD Technology
USSD Technology
Delivering mobile services without the need for a data connection
  • USSD stands for Unstructured Supplementary Service Data
  • Sends data between mobile phone & network application
  • Legacy & entry-level devices are compliant
  • Uses Existing signalling network
  • No cellular data connection required
  • Session-Based (like HTTP on the Internet)
  • Up to 182 characters per message
Myriad Connect USSD + Platform Overview
USSD + Myriad Connect's USSD Platform
USSD+ is composed of 2 elements: Cellgate, an integrated premium USSD gateway and Cellcube, a flexible premium USSD portal. Thanks to a scalable architecture, network operators using USSD+ can cover 100% of their market. USSD+ is a powerful platform to reduce costs and enhance service monetisation.
  • Cellgate bridges the gap between pure telecom networks and the Internet
  • Cellcube receives USSD requests via Cellgate
Value Added Services
Enabler of Value Added Services
Cellcube is connected to the back-end systems of the operator to display and manage value added services
  • Credit Balance
  • Tariff Plan and Option Management
  • On-line News and Offer Updates From Operator
  • Credit Refill
  • Value-Added Service Management
Carrier Grade Architecture
Carrier-Grade Architecture
USSD+ integrates with existing GSM infrastructure.
  • Reliable
    Redundant configuration & quick response time observed in live network even under very heavy load
  • Scalable
    Distributed architecture operates up to 10k transactions/sec
  • Flexible
    Open interfaces, cloud-hosted modules & simple mobile network integration
  • Secure
    Advanced data encryption and precise user access control
Myriad Connect Cellgate - USSD Gateway
Cellgate - USSD Gateway
Myriad USSD+ features Cellgate, a premium USSD Gateway that Bridges the gap between pure Telecom networks and the Internet.
  • Best-in-class availability
  • Optimised routing mechanisms
  • Fire & forward SMS-C capability
  • LTE-Ready
  • Advanced access-list filtering and control
  • Transparent integration with existing USSD platforms
  • Anytime interrogation (ATI) support
Myriad Connect Cellcube - USSD Platform
Myriad USSD+ features Cellcube, a premium USSD Portal that is a smart enabler for USSD services
  • Flexible USSD portal with advanced features
  • Renowned high-stability
  • Environment for easy service creation
  • Connection to third parties through APIs
  • Powerful day to day monitoring
  • Built-in customer-facing features (data bundle purchase, HTTP browsing etc.)